Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovation Vancouver

Your kitchen is the center of your home. So before going ahead with your kitchen renovation, take time to consider your design style and the functionality that your lifestyle requires. Arani Construction works with teams of professionals to help you think through every important detail of your kitchen renovation; from cabinets to countertops, to flooring and paint, to backsplashes and appliances. Contact us about your Vancouver kitchen renovation today!

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Kitchen Countertops 

Arani construction designs and provides complete kitchen countertop installations. It is important to consider your budget, time, and your lifestyle when choosing your new kitchen countertop. There are a variety of options to choose from including laminate, tiles, stainless steel, granite, and epoxy surfaces. Whatever your choice might be, we will ensure that you have a seamless countertop installation.


Kitchen Cabinets

Arani construction provides kitchen cabinet design, fabrication, and kitchen cabinet installation. We are one of the top professional contractors for kitchen renovations in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, and the Vancouver area!

Cabinets are the backbone of any kitchen. A good design ensures that the cabinets are configured in the most efficient way based on your kitchen size. Wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling, allow for plenty of storage space for things that you might not use on a day-to-day basis.

We also help you choose the cabinet door style that matches your taste deciding between a shaker, flat, or inset door. Also, our design will include the most efficient cabinet opening style instead of using the standard swinging door for all your cabinets. We choose the right combination of swinging doors, flip-up doors, pocket doors, drawers, and corner drawers to make your kitchen more functional for your lifestyle.


Tile Installation

Arani construction provides complete Kitchen renovations and tile installations on kitchen backsplashes and kitchen floors. We help you choose a back splash that matches your personality and gives your kitchen the character it needs. You can choose between a variety of options from marble tiles and ceramic tiles to granite, glass, and chalkboard tiles to give this focal point the lift it needs.

Our professionals provide the best in class service for your tile installation as part of your renovation service in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, and the Vancouver area!